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hiring phone sex operators

psb associates

psb associates About the Phone Sex Company
We are a small female-owned and operated phone sex service that has been in the business since 1998 and currently are hiring phone sex operators. We have no minimums or quotas that you must meet. There is no trolling and no advertising that you are required to do. We handle all the promotion and billing… you get to answer the phone and perform the calls! We are very flexible, interested in our operator’s feedback, and thrive in an ever-changing industry!

voice talent About the Phone Sex Calls
We welcome all types of fantasies and fetishes and advertise “no taboo” phone entertainment. We are hiring phone sex operators that have no taboos. This means that anything goes on a phone call. Our clientele pays a premium rate per minute to speak to a female that will tell them a detailed and creative sex story, discuss an elaborate roleplay, and be an excellent conversationalist. You must think fast on calls, take direction well, enjoy kinky sexual conversations, and be a good listener to provide the caller with quality entertainment. Calls are not “back to back”, there is waiting time in between and some days are busy while others are slower for every operator. Call volume ebbs and flows differently each day, each week, each month, and even each year.

We offer ADDITIONAL methods to make money as well while you are logged in with us! We have Paid Chats which are similar to sexting and it’s a great option to make money when you can’t normally do a call during your off-schedule time, or when you are sick, etc. We also have the option to offer recorded audio via telephone that you record. You make the same amount of money as doing a live call. This allows you to make additional money when you are not even working.

About the Phone Sex Job Work Hours and Schedules
We are hiring phone sex operators who want to work full-time hours 40+ per week.  You must work a minimum of 8 hours per day, and a one-weekend shift on either a Saturday or Sunday. Those who work 40 hours per week will make more money. You must understand that the more hours you are available the more calls you will get.

You will not be successful or an asset to us if you cannot stick to a schedule and motivate yourself to work. We are not going to chase anyone down to make money. You are considered an Independent Contractor so if you do not work then you won’t make money. It’s that simple. The reality of the phone sex industry is that your schedule is what determines who your regular clients will become. Logging on and off willy-nilly does not allow an operator to build clientele. An operator should want her clients to know when she is available. You can choose your own schedule, but the final schedule you give us is expected to be followed. 50% of your success is based on being there to answer the phone.

phone sex jobs with cell phone About your Telephone
You must have a VERY reliable telephone. We DO accept RELIABLE cell phones with good sound quality and no signal issues. We encourage cordless phones if you have a landline so that you can be mobile during your shift. We do not allow Voicemail on your line. We suggest that an old-fashioned landline works the very best.

Other Equipment Required
You need to have a telephone line or quality cell phone specifically for accepting telephone calls. You must have a home internet connection, computer, and have above-average computer skills. You are required to use a chat program that is free and that we will help you set up to communicate with us during your shifts. Having a tablet or iPad is also beneficial in addition to a computer or laptop. All the equipment you purchase is deductible from your taxes.

phone sex operator pay About the Money
We pay 65 cents to a minute to start for Operators that work 40+ hours per week.  Raises are based on performance, reliability, and hard work. We offer bonuses and pay bi-weekly by direct deposit to your checking account. You are considered an Independent Contractor and pay your own taxes. We do not pay hourly. We pay for your talk time only. But how much money can you really make? CLICK HERE

psb associates About You Getting a Phone Sex Job
You must be a female over the age of 21 and a US citizen with a valid photo ID and Social Security card (only needed if you are hired). You must be a good conversationalist and have a creative mind that is able to think fast. You also must be able to LEAD a conversation and not rely on the caller to tell you everything. This means you need to be a storyteller, able to weave an entire erotic story from beginning to end with no input from a client at all. Most clients will provide input but some will not. You must have the ability to flirt, be open-minded, and talk about sexually explicit fantasies that may be taboo or even extreme. You must be interested in providing an honest service and want to treat callers with respect. You must absolutely be self-motivated because working from home is not as easy as it seems. You must be a good note keeper, have a good memory, appreciate the structure, and be organized. You must be interested in working in a phone sex job with a “team” and have a good healthy attitude toward policies and rules that are designed to help you make money. Any hard-working, talented, and dedicated operator will be able to succeed in the phone sex industry. But it will not happen overnight or instantly.