phone sex jobs

We believe in growth and creativity. We are always seeking new ideas, new methods, and a new way of doing things. We look to grow and do new things. There is always a plan set and we keep goals in mind. We don’t have an “old school” mentality but we also know that if it “ain’t broke you don’t fix it”. We use a modern telephone system without dispatchers. Clients have complete control over what they spend.

Because we are goal-oriented we are always moving.  Even during slow periods and the “off” season, we’re driven to plan for more, for better, to improve, and obviously to grow. We’re never sitting idle. Of course, we have slow periods or days like any business, but we stay motivated and inspired by positivity.

We have some random conference call meetings where we have a small group of operators that discuss ideas, ask questions, and try to learn to do better calls. We work as a team to keep our energy high and promote learning more. No matter how long you have been in the PSO Industry there is always more to learn. Our meetings are OPTIONAL and not required.

The owner has a good life balance, work is important but so is your personal life. We believe in being involved closely with the business daily and all of our operators. What you say and feel matters.  Ultimately, we strive for a team environment where we help one another. Because the owner is involved daily you always have her support available to you.

The owner has been in the business for a long time and has worked in literally every area of the phone sex industry. Dispatch, Management, and as an Operator as well. She is college-educated and very experienced. But in addition to that, we run the company like a genuine business by following all Merchant Rules and Policies, having a legit Adult Merchant Account, following all legalities, and are PCI Compliant. Our Bank came to our office to investigate us and all of our paperwork. We also never try to cheat any system because we do business honestly. We own copyrights and Trademarks. We invest in the business constantly!