Phone Sex Job Application

phone sex jobs

Below is a link to our Application. It’s detailed because we review them carefully. We do not reply to all applications, especially ones filled out incorrectly or unprofessionally. We delete applications that do not meet our requirements. The application has instructions for each question. Fill it out with as much detail as you can.

You’ll be asked to do a voice audition. Please do not “phone sex” me. Talk about yourself for 3 minutes so I can get a good sample of your voice and a small glimpse of your personality. If this is a struggle then this may not be the right job for you. We expect our Agents to easily talk with clients. I do realize a voicemail is different than an actual conversation. If you fumble your words or whatever that’s fine, just naturally correct yourself. I want you to be as normal and as natural as possible. I don’t hold a mistake on the recording against you 🙂

Our interviews are like a regular job interview. I’m going to ask you a few tough questions to see how you think and respond to something unexpected. A job interview is going to help us both know whether or not we can work together. It matters.  Not every company is going to work well with every Operator and vice versa.


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