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  This is a woman-centered sex-positive phone sex company. We encourage and support women to succeed and grow in a very competitive industry. Our small community of phone sex operators is progressive, motivating, supportive, and dedicated. 

Having and maintaining integrity in the phone sex industry can be difficult. There are many fly-by-night companies, inexperienced owners, and hordes of independent operators. The life span of the average phone sex operator is 3-6 months. A good operator can last several years in the industry building clientele and providing good service.  But some of us are great operators and become “lifers” because we’ve built a career. It takes at least a year to build up a clientele base and even longer to build up call volume to be where everyone wants it.


phone sex operator job The Owner is Involved Daily!

The owner has been in the phone sex industry since 1998 and from every angle: as an operator, as a manager, and owner.  We have a legitimate adult merchant account and we maintain professional relationships even with many competitors. We run a phone sex forum and moderate several other communities. We’re incorporated and follow the rules and policies of our Merchant Agreement/s. We are PCI Compliant. This means we are VERY serious about our business/company and invest not just our time but lots of money as well. We are not afraid to discuss this information with someone we hire.


We are NOT a Typical Dispatch Company!

We do not have live dispatchers and you don’t do callbacks. We have an automated system that does billing. You are assigned an Extension Number and clients choose you on their own. Being a great Operator means the caller will want to talk to you again. You will log ON for your shift and log OFF when you are done for the day. We don’t call you to pester you to log on at all hours of the day or night. It is up to you to work your schedule and up to you to get callers to want to talk to you again. Our system allows the caller to enter your extension number to talk with you, but all of your details are kept private.


phone sex operator job We are a Taboo Company!

We are not interested in restricting a caller’s fantasy or forcing an operator to abide by a list of rules on things that cannot be discussed or words that cannot be said. Callers can explore their deepest and darkest fantasies. Our operators need to be open-minded and very understanding. Clients may have VERY extreme fantasies and are paying to talk to someone to entertain them with their interests.


phone sex operator job Payroll is Always on Time

Operators are paid bi-weekly by direct deposit. We have a long history of paying on time.  It shouldn’t even be an issue, but too many companies do not pay on time. We have a bonus program where you can earn more per minute and we also give out random bonuses sometimes to show appreciation for your hard work.


We Don’t Promise the Moon

We never make promises that aren’t honest. Being a phone sex operator is very hard work. Each day is different. Sometimes you will have a shitty day. Some days you will feel like you aren’t making enough money. This is all the reality of working from home in this industry. We ARE alone the majority of the time. We never promise you are going to make huge money because anyone just starting out at a company is going to take time to build up a clientele. You might compare this job to selling a Cosmetic Line from home. You are set up to wait and you gain a client, and then another, but it builds up slowly. When you sell a cosmetic line from home you often wait for your customers to run out of a product before you hear from them again. Phone Sex is similar in the sense that the clients will call you when they want phone sex and you have no control over when or how often that will be or how much they will spend to talk to you. It’s an industry that fluctuates daily, weekly, monthly annually, and seasonally.


phone sex operator job Can You Make a Decent Living?

You sure can. Our successful operators make good money. But they wait on calls still and they work very hard to get repeat business by pleasing the client. These operators constantly upgrade their skills, work long hours, and have lots of patience!