Phone Sex Operator Daytime Positions

Phone Sex Operator Daytime Positions We are currently seeking daytime phone sex operators. All Time Zones are needed, and we seek ladies who can work very early mornings. This means if you are on PST time and work until 3...Read More

A No Taboo Phone Sex Company

I wrote this website with careful consideration. Every word came from me, and I provide a lot of detail that I feel explains my company pretty well. One of the clearest things I have stated on the site and the...Read More

Good Auditions vs Bad Auditions

Most phone sex companies require a recorded voice audition prior to an interview. We are no different. This article is not going to speak for any other service/company. It speaks for this one only. But I did want to explain...Read More

Phone Sex Operator Jobs Available

Happy New Year! We are growing and there is always more call volume with more ladies working. We are entering our busy season right now and that means I need more operators. I'm hiring phone sex operators for evenings and...Read More

The Phone Sex Operator Skill Set

What's it take to be a PSO? More than most people realize.... here are some of the needed skills that excellent phone sex operators tend to have: Dependability Mental clarity Creative thinking Self-motivation Excellent conversational skills The ability to listen...Read More

Seeking an Admin Assistant for Phone Sex Company

Hiring Admin Assistant for Phone Sex Company We are seeking an Administrative Assistant for a very part-time position for approximately 5-10 hours per week to start. This will be an hourly paid position. We prefer someone not already associated with...Read More

Phone Sex Operator Evening Jobs

Phone Sex Operator Evening Jobs We are currently seeking full-time phone sex operators to work evening into late hours such as a 7 pm-3 am shift or an 8 pm to 4 am shift. We operate on Eastern Time so...Read More

Do Phone Sex Operators Make Good Money

Do Phone Sex Operators Make Good Money? The answer is yes MANY do. It takes a great deal of hard work and the ability to be available as much as possible since calls do not come in back to back...Read More