PSO Jobs Hiring PSOs for All Shifts

Hiring Phone Sex Operators

PSO Jobs currently available! This is a dispatch line – no trolling, no blogging, no minimums are required. Just answer the calls. We are female-owned and operated. We hire from the USA only. Been in business since 1998 and have a reliable stable of clients. We’re easy-going and flexible yet we also believe in rules and policies that help everyone make money.

I am paying full-time phone sex operators that work 40 hours plus at 65 cents per minute (as a starting rate).  There is a bonus plan in place to earn more, but typically you need to be full time to reach the goals. I also do raises for ladies that show hard work and skill. We pay bi-weekly via direct deposit

If you are looking to use us as a backup service and work at another company, or independently that is fine.  We do not allow it at the same time but could be negotiable on that for the right operator. We do not limit your income as an IC so you can work somewhere else.  We are strict about having a schedule as our experience has taught us that working without one doesn’t work out well at all.

*We DO allow RELIABLE cell phones that have VERY clear sound quality.  Typically it means you need unlimited minutes and a quality network. Otherwise, an old fashioned landline really does work best.

We do ALL promotion and we do quite a bit. We absolutely promote full-time hard workers more and will do that individually for them.

I need Operators who can work 24/7 so all shifts are open.  We believe creativity, intelligence, and personality are the key ingredients for success as an Operator. 

We do NOT have back to back calls like most companies do not. Call volume is different every day. We are in a growth time period!

We’re an honest company though and will not make promises that cannot be kept. We consider Operators as our “partners” and treat them respectfully.

I prefer ladies who have more than basic internet and computer skills simply because teaching how to use the phone system takes away time from my promotion efforts.

Please note we always pay on time, do not tolerate drama, and have a “growth” mindset and are interested in modernizing our business. 

Hiring Phone Sex Operators To learn more about our company, our requirements, and the benefits of working as a PSO for us please check out our main website: Phone Sex Jobs. Once you have read the entire website you can fill out the application and do a voice audition. We’re very selective in the phone sex operators we hire but we have a nice team environment.