Good Auditions vs Bad Auditions

Most phone sex companies require a recorded voice audition prior to an interview. We are no different. This article is not going to speak for any other service/company. It speaks for this one only. But I did want to explain the audition process and how WE view it.

When I ask someone to audition, I want to hear their voice which means I don’t want to hear them “read” a script that they wrote on what to say. (yep happens all the time) I want to hear YOU tell me about yourself in your natural speaking voice. I want to listen to your “tones”, your “flow” and your pattern of speech. But I also enjoy hearing your true personality as well.

A very common misconception is that an “audition” means that a woman is to call and demonstrate her phone sex skills. Frankly, if that is requested of you by a male… run. 

Those auditions go like this…

“Oh baby I would love to suck your cock. I’m so bad baby, and oh baby I love to suck cock. Hmm. Oh yeah, let me suck you off”.

There are 2 problems with this kind of audition.

  • It’s a TERRIBLE demonstration of what phone sex is.
  • It is not what I want to hear in an audition.

And another example of a bad audition goes like this…

“Hi I’m Jane and I’m 5 foot 6 with large double D tits, a tiny waist, and a firm bubble butt. I love my ass grabbed. I have long blonde hair and deep blue eyes. Call me, I would love to play.”

There are 2 problems with this kind of audition.

  • It’s a TERRIBLE demonstration of phone sex.
  • This is not what I want to hear on an audition.

If one of those two examples is your idea of a good phone sex audition, you will waste your time applying here. I delete those voicemails and applications without continuing to listen or read. These two examples are “stereotypes” of what a phone sex operator sounds like. I don’t want to hire a stereotype because let’s be honest… it’s sooo fake. My clients don’t want to hear that and absolutely do not want to PAY for it either.

I ONLY want to hire unique personalities and women with strong work ethics who know how to speak well and have a lovely voice. I want to hire a woman with confidence and know that her age is not a factor. I want to hire women who understand what they are capable of doing, and know their weaknesses so they can grow.

What makes for a good audition then?

YOU being YOURSELF. You communicate who you are, your personality, and you demonstrate it with your voice. Talk about your work experience or skills. Talk about your work ethic and WHY you would be an asset to my company. Get my interest, be unique,

Also, this just goes without saying… follow the directions from our application and the voicemail when you call. I do specifically request that no one “phone sex talk me”.