Phone Sex Operator Jobs Available

Happy New Year! We are growing and there is always more call volume with more ladies working. We are entering our busy season right now and that means I need more operators. I'm hiring phone sex operators for evenings and...Read More

Seeking an Admin Assistant for Phone Sex Company

Hiring Admin Assistant for Phone Sex Company We are seeking an Administrative Assistant for a very part-time position for approximately 5-10 hours per week to start. This will be an hourly paid position. We prefer someone not already associated with...Read More

Do Phone Sex Operators Make Good Money

Do Phone Sex Operators Make Good Money? The answer is yes MANY do. It takes a great deal of hard work and the ability to be available as much as possible since calls do not come in back to back...Read More

PSO Jobs Hiring PSOs for All Shifts

Hiring Phone Sex Operators PSO Jobs currently available! This is a dispatch line - no trolling, no blogging, no minimums are required. Just answer the calls. We are female-owned and operated. We hire from the USA only. Been in business...Read More

Seeking Full Time Phone Sex Operators

Apply to Be a Phone Sex Operator Looking for women to work as phone sex operators from home. Experience is not required but helpful. You must have an open mind to be a phone sex operator as the caller's fantasies...Read More

Hiring Phone Sex Operators

Hiring Phone Sex Operators Phone Sex Company hiring phone sex operators (females only) to work from home and take no taboo phone sex calls. We allow you to work on a cell phone provided it is of good sound quality...Read More